Automotive Body Specialty, Inc.

Auto Paint and Body Shop Supplier providing tools, equipment and materials for this trade since 1991. We stock over 20,000 items on the east coast so if you dont see what your looking for online or simply want to speak with a representative feel free to give us a call toll free (1-800-221-6334). Business hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm EST.

High Gloss Clearcoat
(450ml Aerosol)



3M Accuspray
Spray Gun


Norton Abrasives
Dry Ice Finishing Foam Disc
(3000 Grit - 6" DA)


3M Masking Tape
Yellow Automotive Refinishing
Tape - (3/4")


Automotive DA Sander
(3/32" ultra fine - Non-VAC)



3M Scotch Performance
Masking Tape 233+

3/4"  - MMM26334

Our current items in stock include sandpaper, plastic sheeting, masking tape, body filler and glaze coats, masking paper, spray in bedliner kits, primers, clear coatings, auto detailing products and many more items from all major lines including 3M, Norton, US Chemical, TranstarFinish Pro, SEM, UPOL, Meguiars, Tork, Sharpline, Prostripe, RTI, Mirka, AES Industries, Steck, Duragloss, W&E Fasteners and more.  

Rage Gold
Automotive Body Filler
(Gallon w/ hardner)



 USC Icing
Automotive Finishing Putty
(24 oz. Tube w/ hardner)


Automotive Body Filler
(Gallon w/ hardner)


American PG
Automotive Masking Tape 
(3/4" width)


 3M PPS Kit
Paint Preparation System
(Standard Size)


Air Respirator Assembly
(Large Mask)



Norton Gold
Automotive Sandpaper
(6" DA Stick-On) 

180 Grit - NOR49838


Norton Blue Mag
Automotive Sandpaper
(Stick-On File Board)

40 Grit - NOR23609


Norton A275
Automotive Sandpaper 
(6" DA Stick-On)

80 Grit - NOR31481

3M Stik-it Gold
Automotive Sandpaper
(2 3/4" x 45yd. Sheet Roll)

320 Grit - MMM2591

3M Green Corps
(3" Roloc Disc)

36 Grit - MMM1407

3M Stik-it Gold
Automotive Sandpaper
(6" DA Stick-On)

180 Grit - MMM1439

We are proud to offer Paint & Body Shop Supplies to the vast majority of the body shops, dealerships and collision centers in Virginia and North Carolina at extremely competitive prices and have been doing so since 1991. We offer 1 - 2 day service most anywhere on the east coast on all in stock items. If you are looking for Automotive Body Shop Supplies at only the best prices we invite you to start saving today!

Automotive Body Specialty is proud to offer the following products at great savings:
masking paper, body filler, prep wipes, air tools, da sanders, body side moldings, automotive sandpaper, 3m body shop supplies, clearcoat, primer, sealer, hookit abrasives, stickit abrasives, mirka sandpaper, dolphin glaze, rage gold, plastic sheeting, blue mag sandpaper, automotive pinstriping, spray in bedliners, rocker panel texture coating, undercoating, 3m automix, sem dualmix, compound, w&e fasteners, norton abrasives, fusor, buffing pads and much more.



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